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Route of the Penyagolosa villages

The Route of the Penyagolosa villages is a circular mountain route that passes through the four villages in the “Penyagolosa North Villages County” (Mancomunitat de Penyagolosa-Pobles del Nord).

This route runs largely through the Penyagolosa Natural Park, and is designed for hiking. In order to follow the route, you need to download the routes using the Wikiloc mobile application. This application, using a QR code, downloads the route and guides us using the GPS in our phone.

The municipalities of Atzeneta del Maestrat, Benafigos, Vistabella del Maestrat and Xodos offer us a different and unique landscape. With a very steep orography, steep slopes and deep ravines. These characteristics providen de are with an extraordinary flora and fauna.

In terms of flora, holm oaks, white and black pines and pine trees with abundant shrub vegetation stand out. Numerous birds and mammals coexist in this ecosystem, including the mountain goat, the wild boar, the badger and the genet.

It takes between 2 and 5 days to complete this route, as it is designed to be done in 5 different stages. The whole route has 2.200 meters elevation gain and a distance of approximately 60 kilometers.

Route of the Penyagolosa villages – Stage 1: Atzeneta del Maestrat – Benafigos

This stage follows the entire PR route (yellow / white).

We start from Atzeneta del Maestrat towards “Sant Gregori’s” hermitage. From here we start the PR passing by “Masia Fenollera” farmhouse and “Mas de l’Olivar”. Finally, we will reach Benafigos. The first kilometers of ascent have broader paths, but these will get narrower further on. At this point we find magnificent views. Enjoy them!

Route of the Penyagolosa villages – Stage 2: Benafigos – Vistabella del Maestrat

This stage is the most mountainous of all

It leaves from Benafigos in the direction of the “Carmona” ravine, crossing part of the “Vall d’Usera” reaching “Mas de les Roques”. We continue along the path until we connect with the GR7 that takes us to Vistabella del Maestrat. Authentic Penyagolosa with a unique landscape.

Penyagolosa full moon

Live a real night experience at Marinet (1466 m), discover Xodos ans its charming maginal night.

Discover the Penyagolosa mushrooms

Autumn is the perfect season to go in search of mushrooms and fungi. An activity that you can combine with walks in nature, the visit to charming villages such as Vistabella del Maestrat, Xodos, Benafigos or Atzeneta del Maestrat and the tasting of tasty seasonal dishes in restaurants in the area.

This is an unforgettable experience for all those who decide to delve into this wonderful activity collecting wild mushrooms and fungi.

We will enter the Penyagolosa with the mycologist to discover the most well-known edible fungal species of each season. The mycologist will advise us at all times and will explain how to look for mushrooms, where to look for them, those that we find if they are good to eat or not always with explanations adapted to the type of group.

Complete the experience tasting the mushrooms in one of the restaurants near the Penyagolosa.

Meet Penyagolosa’s black truffle

Meet Penyagolosa’s black or summer truffle

You’ll search this black diamond from our mountains will accompanied by an expert truffle grower and his truffle dog. You will observe how the trained dog finds the truffles, you will know what the truffle is, where, how and when it is produced and harvested, and how it is used in cooking. In addition, you will have the opportunity to purchase fresh truffles.

Sol de pico

Sol de Pico is a stylishly restored rural apartment with privileged views.

Rural Apartment with capacity for 6 people.

Located in a mountain area, in the town of Benafigos, in the province Castellón.

La Era

This fully equipped house has 5 bedrooms (all with tv), dining room with tv, dvd and fireplace, living room with armchairs, fireplace, tv, music system, bathroom…
In front of the house we have an Era (land square) ideal for children to play and have a barbecue.
We have board games, toys and books.

Mas dels Albis

Mas dels Albis is located just 300 meters from the town of Benafigos at 955 meters above sea level at the gates of the Penyagolosa Natural Park, an amazingly beautylul surrounding, with great historical, cultural, natural heritage and gastronomy.

The house, with 5 bedrooms (3 queen-beded room, 1 twin-beded double room and 1 quadruple room) can host 12 people. Some of the services available are: 2 bathrooms, heating, wood burning fireplace in the living room, outdoor barbecue, terrace, living room outdoor entertainment, TV, DVD, Wi-Fi.

We offer all the possible comforts so that you can make the most of a privileged natural environment.

“Verge de l’Ortisella” hermitage

Hermitage located in the area of l’Ortisella, aproximately two kilometers away from the town center towards Vistabella, taking a track on the right that goes down to the Ortisella valley, where the hermitage is located in front of the trunk of a thousand year old elm, a fountain and a picnic area. The Hermitage was built in 1567 and throughout history it has undergone several extensions and remodelings, such as the sacristy construction in 1853, until XXth century in which the inn was built. In front of the hermitage there is an esplanade presided over by the hollow trunk of an ancient and colossal elm tree. It is said as an anecdote, that inside it up to 7 people could play and another one could give wine to the players. The hermitage is surrounded by three fountains: Upper, Bottom and Back.

Numerous visits and pilgrimages take place throughout the year, including: the first Sunday in May, the Easter Monday of Pentecost and the 8th of September, coinciding with the town’s patron saint’s festivities.

Saint John the Baptist’s church

Saint John the Baptist’s church is one of the oldest preserved in the province of Castellón, built in the XIIIth century (and remodeled in the XVIIIth) it’s Gothic in style and has the appearance of a fortress, it is for that it could be built taking advantage of the walls of some old fortress, possibly the old castle, or simply have been fortified in another time. The silver crenellated tower and the added cross of gold in the municipal shield of Benafigos make reference to the Church of San Juan Baptist. Inside you can see different Gothic arches as well as the Chapel of the Virgin of the Ortisella, from the twentieth century.

Christ of Calvary hermitage

Hermitage built in 1740, with a white exterior and one of the smallest hermitages in the province, is only visited on special occasions. In its staircase we can still see small cracks where the torches were placed during the nights of vigil.