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Vistabella del Maestrat

The beautiful town of Vistabella del Maestrat, a municipality in the province of Castellón is located in the region of Alcalatén. Nowadays it barely has a population, whereas in 2016 there were registered 364 inhabitants. Its great rural appeal will definitely make you want to visit it.

The village is of Muslim origin. After the Christian conquest in 1251 by James I, Vistabella was given by William of Anglesola and his wife Constance of Alagon, to Berenguer of Anglesola and other knights.  This was granted to them, in a letter dated 1251 and it became the property of the Order of the Templars. Later Vistabella, along with seven other  towns of the  Maestrat,  formed the Setena de Culla, a union of villages, whose objective was to defend cattle rights and pastures. The name of Maestrat derives from the term ‘master’, since these territories were under the jurisdiction of the Great Master of the military orders of the Templars, San Juan and Montesa. In 1838 during the Carlist Wars, it was designated as a military district. For those who do not know, El Maestrat is a historic region that extends to the north of the Valencian province of Castellón and the southeast of the Aragonese province of Teruel.

Returning to the population, it must be said that, with its 151 square km, the municipality is one of the largest in the province and its average height is around 1,100 meters. The town stands out for its rural charm and especially for its incentive for hikers to visit the so-called “Vistabella springs”, such as the Dalt and Alforí fountains. A nearby town called Mosqueruela is highly recommended.

Penyagolosa Peak is located in the municipal areas of Xodos, Vistabella and Villahermosa. It is perhaps the most emblematic and well-known peak of the Valencian Community, (1.815m) and it is only exceeded by the Cerro Calderón (1.838m), located in the Rincon de Ademuz.

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