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The municipality of Benafigos is bounded by the river Monlleó and the Rambla de Benafigos. The village rests on a hill more than 900 meters high, as if it were an eagle’s nest, surrounded by ravines and mountains with flat tops, forming part of the teeth and wastelands of the Maestrat. The highest points in the municipality of Benafigos are: El Coll del Vidre (1,083 m), Penya-roja (1,063 m) and Morral Blanc (1,021 m).

In the past, as in many other towns, the basis of the economy was agriculture, (especially cereals) but today it is practically reduced to olive, almond and hazelnut. However, the city council is trying to strengthen the tertiary sector, to give a definite boost to the Benafiguina economy. Currently the uncultivated area is mostly covered by oaks, pines, shrubs, bushes and grasses, which facilitates greater production of truffles, which provides some extra benefit to the inhabitants of the population.

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