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Atzeneta del Maestrat

Atzeneta del Maestrat, is an inland village, located 401 m above sea level, about 45 km from its provincial capital, Castellón. The municipal area of 71.27 square kms, contains two high peaks, that of Carril (1,201 ms), and of the Nevera (1,195 ms).

Agriculture, livestock and logging are the basis of the economy. The old holm oak forests have now disappeared, leaving only a few isolated specimens dominating the white pine groves, especially in the Bovalar, and the areas dedicated to the cultivation of almond trees.

The town of Atzeneta is located in a wide valley that is an important communications hub and gateway to the mountain of Penyagolosa. In this village most of the population live, although there are numerous inhabited farmhouses, scattered throughout the municipality.

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