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Penyagolosa summit

Elevation gain

300 m.

Elevation loss

300 m.

GPX Track

Starting point


Route description

The ascent to the summit is a continuation of the Pegunta Goerge Route, which begins at the forest tree nurseries, next to of Sant Joan de Penyagolosa hermitage and crosses the Pegunta flora micro-reserve to “la Banyadera” and “El Corralico”. From “El Corralico” esplanade, we will take the zigzagging path through a red pine forest that will help us gain height quickly.

1st stop Halfway up the ascent you’ll find a small building. From here, after gaining certain height the first farmhouses can be seen above the mountain. Gradually you’ll leave the forrest behinf and find another vegetation, more adapted to the cold and poor soils you’lll find in this area, such as: mountain juniper (Juniperus sabina) “Coixi de Monja” (Erinacea anthyllis / tras: nun’s pillow) and Penyagolosa grass (Erodium celtibericum). From this point you’ll  have the summit very close, but it will still make us sweat a little longer in its last stretch.

2nd stop Once we reach the top we will enjoy one of the best panoramic views of the Region of Valencia. On clear days it is easy to see the Montgó and the high mountains in the Marina, the Columbretes Islands and the Ebro delta. The descent is made by the same track always following the path to avoid soil erosion.

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