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Sant Cristòfol Chapel

It is a Catholic place of worship located on top of Sant Cristòfol hill, northwest Xodos. It is catalogued as an Asset of Local Importance. It is an small quadrangular building (4 meters wide and 5 meters long) of stone masonry. On top, a gable roof covered with roof tiles, and a steeple. It is a white building with red accents (around the front door and a small side window). The place of worship is accessed through a wooden side door in a semicircular arch. Also in the interior, austerity and simplicity predominate. Highlights inside include the main Sant Cristòfol altarpiece (one of the patron saints of Xodos) from 1938. Its cost was borne by the local Mosen Joan Tomàs i Porcar. The Feast of Sant Cristòfol is celebrated from August 14, but formerly it was celebrated on the Monday following the second Sunday of September. Every year there was a pilgrimage to the Chapel, in which a 5 meter religious banner was held.

Images from Sant Cristòfol Chapel

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