Prison tower

The Prison tower contruction dates has been confirmed by archaeological studies. It has a wall with remains of battlements, machicolation, as well as remain of other two towers.

The square plant tower, has three heights and curved tile square plant; regular masonry factory forming rows. It’s walls have a 106-110 cm thickness at the ground level, while decreasing in the successive floors, 95 on the first and 75 on the second. Access to the upper floors is through a staircase that is still preserved. The walls have loopholes and the windows have thick wrought iron grilles. Next to the tower, the “Camí de Vistabella” portal was opened, in one of the modifications to the walled enclosure, which has now disappeared when it was demolished around the 1950s. On the entrance door there is an inscription dating from 1898. It is called the “prison tower” because it was used as a prison in the village until almost the 60s of the twentieth century.

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